Selling carries

Would you like to get a weekly done? But can’t be arsed to pug?

Just roll with me and funkyt and we’ll get you a 14-15 weekly done. We just did a junkyard 14 so this “rogue”… Spyeyes -.- could get a key done.

Easy +2 for our client.
He didn’t even do damage.

Lets have an interview with our client!

Hello, spyeyes! How did you enjoy our service?
– Apparently it was great, I’ve never been to a high key before.

Would you recommend our service?
– Yes, but the healer was a bit of a problem since I had to use self heals and couldn’t stand in all the shit I wanted to.

Are you a bigboi now?
– Yes.

Thanks, that was all.

//benkt out


Hunters should have 100% droprate for the Skitra bow

I have no idea what blizzard was thinking making me kill skitra like 1000 times.

Look at the amount of kills. It’s insane.
We are 20 people killing it. 4 drops. thats 1/5 or 20% to get an item.
I am also bonus rolling it every time. That’s rumoured to be 20% to get an item. Which means 10 times looting. No bow.


I mean, if i look at my sim, my current weapon still gives me more dps, but I guess its the mastery corruption. I don’t want that. I want cooldown shit from skitra.


Hunters should cleave

Hunters should cleave all the adds on vexiona for max parsewhoring.