An 🎤interview 🎤with my fans ⭐⭐

So today I have the pleasure to present an interview with two of my biggest fans, Iread and Benktsblog.

Hello Iread, how are you today?
– I’m okay. Could’ve been better, I could be playing horde.

Umm, okay…
– Yes.

So I heard you’ve been doing great lately with helping the Alliance, how does it feel?
– Sure.

Alright, nevermind then. So Benktsblog, how do you feel about your leveling relationship?
– Apparently it’s great, I’ve never been on live alliance before.

Do you think this adventure might bring more paying subscribers to my blog?
– Yes, that is actually the plan. The commission you gave us was to good to refuse. We are doing this for purely for money.

So you would not level alliance if I did not pay you?
– Yes.

Alright, so Benktsblog, Anything you wanna say to my other fans?
– Yes.

Go on, tell them…. please.
– I really like you.

Alright, language please.

Iread & Benktsblog.

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