An 🎤interview 🎤with my fans ⭐⭐

So today I have the pleasure to present an interview with two of my biggest fans, Iread and Benktsblog.

Hello Iread, how are you today?
– I’m okay. Could’ve been better, I could be playing horde.

Umm, okay…
– Yes.

So I heard you’ve been doing great lately with helping the Alliance, how does it feel?
– Sure.

Alright, nevermind then. So Benktsblog, how do you feel about your leveling relationship?
– Apparently it’s great, I’ve never been on live alliance before.

Do you think this adventure might bring more paying subscribers to my blog?
– Yes, that is actually the plan. The commission you gave us was to good to refuse. We are doing this for purely for money.

So you would not level alliance if I did not pay you?
– Yes.

Alright, so Benktsblog, Anything you wanna say to my other fans?
– Yes.

Go on, tell them…. please.
– I really like you.

Alright, language please.

Iread & Benktsblog.

Keep your enemies close and your friends dead 💀

So, today me and Graxxur went for an adventure.

This is Graxxur.

We went into the amazing 💘🧡💙💜💚 raid called Emerald Nightmare hoping for good luck with shoulders 🎲🎲🎲🎲. But na. RNGesus turned us down.

RNGesus | Know Your Meme
This is RNGesus.

So we went back to the big city with the big dinosaurs and brutosaurs and other bigbois, yes? 🦎🦎

And then I came up with a brilliant idea. We’ll get to my idea later. 💡

Brilliant Idea
My idea.

A couple days ago me, my friend funkyt and my friend möyyky killed Peacehoofer in Dazar’alor with those nasty third-faction dagger thingies. And Eyebeam was in our discord channel as well. So we blamed her that it was her idea. And today, it was payback time.

So Graxxur (also best friend of Peacehoofer) and me whispered Eyebeam for invite.

Me whispering Graxxur about plans.

Because we were not in the same shard we could just whisper invite and get in the same party🎉🎉 as her. and BAM. we popped daggers and nuked. Because that’s what friends do. 🤜🤛

Here is our friend Eyebeam. But if you look close, she’s dead. 💀💀