Saving dat residuum for BiS

A few weeks ago I decided to stop my gambling addiction and save dat residuum. Today was the week I finally hit 20 000. I took my mount downtown. Btw, mount is really easy to get. Took me exactly two Karazhan runs.

Making my way downtown.

I was so happy that I can finally buy my BiS shoulders. I went into the room and said hello 🙋‍♂️ to Thaumaturge Vashreen and take a closer look at the BiS shoulders.

Me saying hello 🙋‍♂️ to Thaumaturge Vashreen.

I compared the two shoulders with my BiS traits. Then I decided to sim them. And it was then I realised they got the EXACT same traits. LMAO 🤣🤣🤣😍😎

This made me realise, there are 7 shoulders. 2 with bis. That is 28% if I gambled. (Quick maffs 2️⃣➕2️⃣ ➡4️⃣).
Which means, I got 20k residuum. I can buy 5 shoulders (if I scrap the shoulders I don’t need). The odds were in my favor. So I left my computer. Went into my bedroom, opened my closet and put on my gambling pants.

But Benkt, how did it go?

Well. I must say, it was a bit shaky. But since I am not shit at gambling… Here’s the outcome

My outcome on gambling.

I got them on my third try. Which ment I had 2 pieces still to buy. And I still needed a better headpiece for my AoE. So I gambled again. This time, the odds were in favor of Blizzard with 6 headpieces and only 1 item with BiS traits.

But Benkt, how did it go?

Well. I must say, it was a bit shaky. But since I am not a god on gambling. I did not win that lottery.

Summaring this blog post makes me feel a tiny bit retarded, which I think is justified. But atleast I am rocking theese new shoulders.

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