iLvL parsing 🤩🐻

So I wanna talk about something serious. I’ve been MIA on the blog for a while being busy studying ilvl parses on a PhD deep level.

After a week of studying I went to an old friend of mine and told her what’s needed and here is the results

As you can see, an easy 🐻🐻100% ilvl 🐻🐻 parse achieved and I will now tell all my readers how to do this.

The how to 🤑🤑

So, what you want is to first study the fight and check your class discord and see how other people do the fight as your class and spec and then do NOT do what they do. Why you ask me? They are not 100% parsing because they’re shit. Do what I tell you to do, check your gear.

Here we can see the gear of our testsubject 🐻. Azerite pieces are really good for DPS increase so we want to keep them. The rings have a really good boost of minor stats so we want to keep them. Trinkets also good for DPS. Legs, boots, belt and gloves also have more stats than the bracers so usually you wanna unequip your bracers. This brought our testsubject from ilvl 471 to 441.
(this applies to you if your bracers are not corrupted, else take your belt or something)

So going to Ra’den Heroic as an ilvl 441 tank would make this a lot easier. You still need to press buttons so in my view this is not cheating.

Do the fight, keep pressing buttons and BAM.

32k dps @ilvl 441 is 8.2 dps dps with last patch ilvl (insane 😍😎)

ez katka

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2 replies on “iLvL parsing 🤩🐻”

Nice 1!!

I need to try this next raid!! My Guildies are all about parses and with this tactics I will surely crush them all!! 😀

Btw, I am raiding at Mythic level, does this work in there too??? It is hardest content for only stronkest people!

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