Rumours: Twilight Devestation nerf incoming

So latest rumours on the Blizzard hotfix front is that TD is getting nerfed to the ground. From 18% rank 3 to 2% rank 3.


Oh noes

On the Origins of “The Worst Trade Deal” #Meme - Michel Kiflen ...

What is progress?

Here is a second night on Ra’den Mythic. So basicly, a lot of wipes on RNG (wipes in white) and then suddenly, 2nd round of orbs, then third round of orbs and then BAM 💥💥💥. Progress.

So if we can get our tank to stop disconnecting. My professional guess is that Ra’den is dead on sunday.


Saving dat residuum for BiS

A few weeks ago I decided to stop my gambling addiction and save dat residuum. Today was the week I finally hit 20 000. I took my mount downtown. Btw, mount is really easy to get. Took me exactly two Karazhan runs.

Making my way downtown.

I was so happy that I can finally buy my BiS shoulders. I went into the room and said hello 🙋‍♂️ to Thaumaturge Vashreen and take a closer look at the BiS shoulders.

Me saying hello 🙋‍♂️ to Thaumaturge Vashreen.

I compared the two shoulders with my BiS traits. Then I decided to sim them. And it was then I realised they got the EXACT same traits. LMAO 🤣🤣🤣😍😎

This made me realise, there are 7 shoulders. 2 with bis. That is 28% if I gambled. (Quick maffs 2️⃣➕2️⃣ ➡4️⃣).
Which means, I got 20k residuum. I can buy 5 shoulders (if I scrap the shoulders I don’t need). The odds were in my favor. So I left my computer. Went into my bedroom, opened my closet and put on my gambling pants.

But Benkt, how did it go?

Well. I must say, it was a bit shaky. But since I am not shit at gambling… Here’s the outcome

My outcome on gambling.

I got them on my third try. Which ment I had 2 pieces still to buy. And I still needed a better headpiece for my AoE. So I gambled again. This time, the odds were in favor of Blizzard with 6 headpieces and only 1 item with BiS traits.

But Benkt, how did it go?

Well. I must say, it was a bit shaky. But since I am not a god on gambling. I did not win that lottery.

Summaring this blog post makes me feel a tiny bit retarded, which I think is justified. But atleast I am rocking theese new shoulders.


iLvL parsing 🤩🐻

So I wanna talk about something serious. I’ve been MIA on the blog for a while being busy studying ilvl parses on a PhD deep level.

After a week of studying I went to an old friend of mine and told her what’s needed and here is the results

As you can see, an easy 🐻🐻100% ilvl 🐻🐻 parse achieved and I will now tell all my readers how to do this.

The how to 🤑🤑

So, what you want is to first study the fight and check your class discord and see how other people do the fight as your class and spec and then do NOT do what they do. Why you ask me? They are not 100% parsing because they’re shit. Do what I tell you to do, check your gear.

Here we can see the gear of our testsubject 🐻. Azerite pieces are really good for DPS increase so we want to keep them. The rings have a really good boost of minor stats so we want to keep them. Trinkets also good for DPS. Legs, boots, belt and gloves also have more stats than the bracers so usually you wanna unequip your bracers. This brought our testsubject from ilvl 471 to 441.
(this applies to you if your bracers are not corrupted, else take your belt or something)

So going to Ra’den Heroic as an ilvl 441 tank would make this a lot easier. You still need to press buttons so in my view this is not cheating.

Do the fight, keep pressing buttons and BAM.

32k dps @ilvl 441 is 8.2 dps dps with last patch ilvl (insane 😍😎)

ez katka

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Parsing in Tol Dagor as a Rogue

Hello! Here comes a tutorial on how to crush DPS in Tol Dagor as an Outlaw Rogue. I did this in a TD19.


Lets start with essences.

BotE is important, other ones just play with what you want.

So the most important thing with pulling is that the tank can survive and the healer can heal.

And I almost forgot, don’t forget to use cannons. REALLY REALLY important to parse. Other than that, just press bladeflurry on cooldown and you should be good.


Have you ever been left out like me?

NEWSFLASH 🧻🧻🧻: I was waiting for a key after some transmog run today 💥💢 and when we were done with the run everyone got invited to the to the group except me and Bail actually said “so we need a big dps now” and then there was just silence. I was RIGHT IN THE DISCORD CHANNEL ready to contribute with my dps.

Now there is like so much doubt in my head. How can I preform? Can I even outdps Bail the noobmage? I have no idea. Doubting myself so much rn.

The group
And me…

A funny thing as well. Last night doing some late nite arenas pew pew. With big cow Möykky and swift orc Funkyt and one guy said in the guild chat “I need 3 more ppl for junkyard 14. Möyyky? Funkyt?” and then there was just silence. No benkt, it never came.

Were you always the last one picked in gym class?
Benkt 2020



Selling carries

Would you like to get a weekly done? But can’t be arsed to pug?

Just roll with me and funkyt and we’ll get you a 14-15 weekly done. We just did a junkyard 14 so this “rogue”… Spyeyes -.- could get a key done.

Easy +2 for our client.
He didn’t even do damage.

Lets have an interview with our client!

Hello, spyeyes! How did you enjoy our service?
– Apparently it was great, I’ve never been to a high key before.

Would you recommend our service?
– Yes, but the healer was a bit of a problem since I had to use self heals and couldn’t stand in all the shit I wanted to.

Are you a bigboi now?
– Yes.

Thanks, that was all.

//benkt out


Hunters should have 100% droprate for the Skitra bow

I have no idea what blizzard was thinking making me kill skitra like 1000 times.

Look at the amount of kills. It’s insane.
We are 20 people killing it. 4 drops. thats 1/5 or 20% to get an item.
I am also bonus rolling it every time. That’s rumoured to be 20% to get an item. Which means 10 times looting. No bow.


I mean, if i look at my sim, my current weapon still gives me more dps, but I guess its the mastery corruption. I don’t want that. I want cooldown shit from skitra.